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Welton Becket’s Equitable Life Tower is an example of L.A.’s abundant stock of outdated modernist office towers. By privileging aesthetics over performance, it is environmentally and economically inefficient, leading to high operating costs and low vacancy. Equitable Performance Tower creates a new performative skin for the building where experimentation through the application of new technologies and techniques deliver a new paradigm for L.A.’s skyline.

By supplementing a new performative façade designed according to wind and solar orientation, the buildings thermal buffer generates an iconic presence that is both visually and sustainably successful. Material themes of porosity and translucency are layered in order to offset solar gain as well as provide convective ventilation. By embracing sustainable design, Equitable Performance Tower provides a new paradigm to supplant L.A.’s legacy of environmentally unsustainable towers and conveys a new meaning for the “facelift.”

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Equitable Performance Tower - View From Wiltshire Blvd Performance Tower exterior 1.jpg
Equitable Performance Tower - Lobby Performance Tower interior 1.jpg
Equitable Performance Tower - Entertainment Level Performance Tower interior 2.jpg
Equitable Performance Tower - Exterior Performance Tower exterior 2.jpg
Equitable Performance Tower - Exterior Performance Tower exterior 3.jpg